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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
Well, it is definitely a wide slow turn at this point, but at least it sounds like I have to be on the proper edge to execute this. As a big, tall, older guy with stiff knees, trusting that edge is a process, but at least is sounds like I am working in the right direction.

When I try to power turn and get that left skate to do the work(I tend to just let that back foot do all the work on the inside edge -- that is the bad habit I am trying to relearn my way out of), I am getting some chatter on that left skate. Is that because I am too far to the front of the blade or just not leaning into it enough? I admit I do not think about where I put the weight on the blade much. I assume I make it tougher on my self by trying to make that turn without focusing on putting my weight to the back of the skate?
That would be my guess. You don't want chatter. You should feel a clean and consistent bite. Lean the skate a bit harder, and focus on getting your weight further back on your blade. Use the curve on your blade. Learning to trust your edges is definitely a work in progress, but it's essential to skating.

You're also going to want to work on your knees a bit. Get comfortable with a nice, deep knee bend. That's an important part of using your edges, and getting power in your stride. It will also help you build up strength in your legs, because let's face it, skating uses your muscles in different ways than, say, walking or running.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a must. Find that point where you're comfortable, and push a little past. It may help to wear some of your gear, because falling is part of the process.

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