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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
And so what if you did?

How does that change the argument for Sakic vs Bossy?
Sakic wasn't exactly tooling around with scrubs either.

With the risk of allowing Eva a way in here, the only players that one could say pretty much had monstrous seasons on their own with little help were Yzerman in '89 by a pretty large gap and then Lemieux in '86.
Following your thought, the only times a player scored 140+ points without a teammate scoring 95+ points are:

Wayne Gretzky, 1980-81
Mario Lemieux, 1985-86
Mario Lemieux, 1987-88
Steve Yzerman, 1988-89
Wayne Gretzky, 1990-91

Those are the five definitive "one-man monster" offensive seasons, with four Pearsons, four postseason all-star selections, and two Harts. It makes you wonder what kind of numbers Yzerman and Lemieux could have put up if they have a support system like Ovechkin, Toews/Kane, Stamkos, Crosby/Malkin, or even Gretzky have/had. Could either have legitimately challenged Gretzky as "best center" in the 80s with a strong supporting cast? Once Lemieux had an equal/better supporting cast, he blew past Gretzky. Age and injuries factored in partially, but Lemieux himself suffered injuries as well so "Gretzky was hurt" isn't a legitimate reason to explain why Lemieux passed him so dramatically.

It should be noted that even if you directly adjust (rather than factoring for variation in tiered scoring) the 140/100 values downward to the current average (~5.5 GPG) from 7.5GPG, which is at or near the GPG of late-80s seasons, then an active player would have to score 103 points without having a teammate reach 73.

Anyway, with regards to the topic, I rank Sakic ahead of Bossy. Both have legitimate arguments but their per-game offensive production was similar (accounting for era), and Sakic played twice as long, while also playing an excellent defensive game in the last two-thirds of his career. Bossy's numbers would have declined considerably had he played another 9-10 seasons and 750 games; he retired after 86-87, and scoring went down considerably over the next decade (League GPG was ~8 in 83-84, and ~6.5 ten seasons later in 93-94).

Sakic is definitely the pick.

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