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Originally Posted by StoneHands View Post
The sports stations aren't there to build interest in hockey. They're there to talk about what the callers want to discuss. Obviously they can push topics in a certain direction but if every caller called up and wanted to talk Flyers, they would be forced to do so. They go with what gains them the best ratings.

The morning show appeals to the average bro driving to work that has a limited knowledge about sports. He may have been flipping back and forth between the game and whatever his wife is watching and didnt catch the end so he tunes in to Angelo in the morning on his drive to work. he gets a little sports talk that he can carry over to work but also gets some humor since he doesnt care to listen to sports talk all morning.
Not necessarily. In DC, Mike Wise is first and foremost an NBA guy. NFL and NBA discussion dominated his show. Whenever the NHL was mentioned he was always condescending, and in general he didn't know jack **** about the Caps or hockey except at a basic level. He didn't want to talk about it, and so they spent a minimal amount of time on it. He's off 106.7 now, and the Caps get a lot more discussion. However, both guys that took over are chiefly MLB/NFL guys, so while they are talking about the Caps significantly more than Wise ever did, the Nationals are definitely their main interest and that's what they seem to discuss the most.

In both situations, what the callers wanted didn't really matter. Their twitter and FB always had people complaining about the lack of Caps coverage with Wise. It's clear the hosts talk about what they want first and foremost and have a list of topics they put together beforehand. I've never seen any indication that caller interest is a great concern for them.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would love to talk Flyers hockey on Philly radio, but if the host doesn't want to spend time on it they can just ignore those guys. After all, there's more than enough Phillies and Eagles fans, and the vast majority of Flyers fans in their listening area will also be fans of those teams, so they'll still listen. They don't have to worry about a drop in listeners if they neglect hockey.

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