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01-08-2004, 07:20 AM
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I was at the game last night, got a free ticket did about 7 hours of driving for one game. The game was good, had lots of action, but philly was pulling a bunch of dirty crap. Way too many high sticks (although I thought both majors were a reach) I missed Balej's goal as I wasn't even in the building when he scored (missed the first 10 mins, damn traffic)

Perezhogin was maybe the best forward for the Dogs. He had a number of chances, and some very slick moves especially on the PP, and he had one wicked wrist shot that the Finn goalie made a great glove save on (I was impressed by the flyers goalie Nity.) he showed some real flashes at times, and seems to work well with Svitov. Only problem I saw was that he floated in his own end at times.

Balej had a decent game as well. Jarvis mixed the lines up a lot, but Balej was creating chances with his speed, and when slashed he swung right back (it was a physical game for sure) My only real concern with this guy is his lack of strength (upper body) when he has to fight along the boards or in corners, but he should get a shot at some point this year I hope.

Archer I was impressed with, I thought he played well. He had several very good passes, they were hard, fast and acurate. He wasn't as physical as he will need to be, and could use adding a few pounds, but he skates well, and understands his role well. I can't wait to see what he does in Hamilton next year or two.

Higgins was solid, also had a great chance on the PP but the Finn goalie made another great save, as Higgins was to the left of him (I was right on the goal line and up) and he got a rebound and fired it up but Nity was too fast or lucky. Higgins had a few good hits as well, and was strong on the PK.

Michaud I though looked a tad shaky at first, but he seemed to calm down as the game went on, and he did look ok at times. The 2nd goal was all Svitov's fault, as Michaud was looking at the player with the puck behind the net, when he passed it out front and Svitov didn't lift the stick of his guy who had a wide open net. But the 3rd goal was one that perhaps he could have had. (but the 1st and 3rd goals were on the opposite side of where I was sitting, so my view wasn't as good to be fair) It's a shame cause right before that he made some big saves to keep them in the game.

Beauchemin was solid, a major part of Higgins goal, as I think it was Perezhogin who brought it in with some nice moves (I couldn't see him number, but it looked like Zog) but Beaucy had a nice keep and was moving the puck quickly. On the downside he wasn't as physical as he needs to be, cause he can hit and hit well, but that gets him into trouble, just a matter of finding a middle spot.

Ferland was physical when he played, even dropped the gloves to stick up for Dwyer I believe. It wasn't much of a fight, but you got to love seeing teammates stick up for one another. Ferland will need years of work on his skating, not that it's bad, but it's one of his weakest points, but if he can get better at skating, I really like the game he brings.

Dykhuis. Should have stayed home. Guess being back in philly wasn't good to him, cause he made a few blunders, but he did drop the gloves. I didn't see him land one punch, but he had a solid takedown as he drove the guy into the ice in a short match. Sadly as bad as he was, he was better then Traverse. (these guys should not play together)

Traverse is a damn joke, he looked really bad out there. Maybe it's cause I can't stand his game, but I'd rather see Shasby.

Cote, was shaky in his own end at times, but this kid loves to hit. He must have run into someone or tried to every time I looked at him. Good call from the Dogs side to sign him.

Svitov was not having a good night, seemed lazy at times. He did wake up when things started getting really chippy, as he had started to play a lot more physical. (I saw the refs go over the coaches several times cause sticks were just flying out there) Svitov was the goat on the 2nd goal, which was a big one. Still it's impossible to say what effect he has on Perezhogin, so I'll take a few blunders for sure.

Hossa. Not a good night at all. He looked asleep, and not interested at all. Didn't do much most of the night, and was one of the worst games of his I've seen. I'm a big fan of his, but if he continues to play like he did tonight, he will be staying in Hamilton for some time. It's only one game, but he did not look good out there. I can't say for sure, but it seemed like Jarvis used him a lot less in the 3rd but all the penalties also could be the reason. Hopefully he'll pick it up over time.

Sumo was ok, but how this guy was consider a calder possibility is crazy. He does have very good speed, and looks like a decent shot, but he couldn't create any space for himself, and was knocked off the puck easily. Still he was better then Olvedstad who was even worse then Hossa imo. Brought nothing to the game but some speed on the PK. He took the night off

Dwyer was ok didn't really notice him too much, he was working hard and had a few good hits. Wouldn't mind him brought back for the Dogs next year.

Blouin. a waste of space, took a stupid penalty that was it.

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