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06-30-2013, 12:41 AM
Barbara Underhill
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Not everything is a joke, and trying to make one out of everything get's old and wears on people.

Question it all you want, Dagoon has been right in the past and also had Staal do a signing if I am correct at one of his establishments a few years ago.

Just because a person's opinion doesn't align with yours doesn't mean you have to make something out of nothing, or attack the person. It's a message board, which has literally nothing to do with anyone's social standing. Have noticed it quite a bit lately that a certain few think their **** doesn't stink for whatever reason.

Not directed at anyone in particular, but something we should all keep in mind. We've lost a lot of good posters, some with inside info who wanted to key us in and got bashed by the keyboard warriors.

Thanks Dagoon for putting yourself out there, if it happens you deserve credit once again, if nothing happens it's because these things are never 100% guaranteed and people need to remember that instead of trashing the source, unless its Eklund.

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