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01-08-2004, 07:29 AM
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How many times are the refs gonna look the other way when Gleason is fouled? Last night he took a crosscheck to the head. That's supposed to be automatic. Neither guy sees or responds to the flagrant penalty. It was double minor worthy minimum. Gleason protects himself gets tough and draws the penalty. (Too bad we don't give our guys the green light to initiate some of this stuff and get the retaliation penalties on the other guys). I believe the kid is one of the real bright spots of the year. He makes mistakes just like anyone else will, (I have a sneaking suspicion that he might have been told to get his offensive output up), he was moving up the ice early on the break out when Holmquist got the gimme.

Kuznetzov is on the bubble in my mind, and obviously in the minds of the management.

Corvo really bothers me. He can rush the puck but that is all. He is the liability in my mind. He's older has some experience under his belt and still plays a risky game with no edge.

Holland has kept his game simple and concentrates on D. I would have guessed he'd be on the list but I, too,can live with his game. When and if he's more comfortable maybe he'll be edgier.

Does anyone think maybe the Kings D is told not to become involved in the physical aspects of the posi? It seems that the guys go out of their way to not clear the front, not punish encroachment, before or after the play, and they have no space to move the puck as a result. A couple of nasty wacks gets us that step that we need to clear the zone. That's how Matt Scnieder played, and we do miss that type of play, if not him. How many times have we almost cleared the puck only to be scorred on? Our defensive zone transition to offense is iffy at best. Goals are being scorred close in, after the first save, I think if the was more physical presence there would be less chances on these second shots. Other teams have broken down our defensive strategy and are capitalizing.

I think this has to do with team philosophy rather than talent. I wouldn't mind obtaining a journeyman defensive player. Klee was the guy.

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