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06-30-2013, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by McDugan View Post
Two points, one serious, one semi-serious.

1. The degree to which you drop your jaw shouldn't have much effect if any on your ability to take in maximum air. You can open your airway completely on the inside without having you jaw open very far. If it's really a concern, a voice instructor could help you figure out the proprioception in one or two lessons.
You're right, but there's something so intrinsic and involuntary about dropping your jaw and sucking in max air when your breathing heavily.

Originally Posted by McDugan View Post
2. Your shift should only be as long as the time you are useful.
That means I should never step on the ice

Although I knew you were kidding, on a serious note; being able to breath and recover means I'm useful for much longer. With the cage, (and with how bad i'm aging and out of shape i am now) I find myself recently just giving up on plays too quickly because I just burn out too fast; whereas now I can stay with the play until the play is either dead or the timing for a change is appropriate.

I don't know what it is about switching back to half visor, maybe it's all mental, but it felt so good.

1. I feel lighter
2. I have better peripherals
3. I feel it's more comfortable to breath

the latter being my tipping point on going back.

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