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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
He was the only reason they beat the Hawks as "easily" as they did and the only reason why the Leaf series went 7.

I'd even say he was better than Roy in the first 2 rounds.

The old saying "Saw more rubber than a dead skunk on the Trans-Canada highway" was never more true than CuJo in the '93 playoffs.

Played only 11 games, averaged 39.8 shots against per game and 37.4 saves per game, 0.938S% including 2 SOs.

If you ignore the Leaf 6-0 blowout in game 7 when his team forgot to show up...40.2 shots per game, 38.1 saves per game, 0.948S% in 10 games.

It was a hell of a display!

And I will never forget when Clark ripped his mask off in the Leaf series, scary stuff.
I believe that was the post-season after he set the record for most saves in a season, wasn't it?

EDIT: Yes, it was. He then broke the record again the following season, like Luongo did in 2004-06.

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