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Originally Posted by NYRKindms View Post
This was by far the easiest business / gm move in history and Sather still manages to mess it up. You know this is going to bite us in the ass. When was the last time the rangers took a gamble this big and it paid off?
I agree and would have wholeheartedly supported a buyout of one of the most overhyped players in my lifetime.
James Dolan probably thought otherwise though...
Figure he reasons somewhat like that:
Richards got 24 million for 2 seasons, lets first make him play a 3rd year for 33 million (total). 11 million per year. Highest salary in the league. Horrible signing. Then we will use the remaining compliance buyout on Richards after this season with 27 million left - that equates to 18 million paid out over the next 12 years (or 1,5 million per year). So Richards essentially cost the organization 51 million for 3 years of services. 17 million per year. Nice payday Bucktooth Beaver. The numbers were simply too high to grasp or swallow by Dolan if he was bought out now. He would then get 24 million paid out over 14 years plus the 24 million he already has cashed in. 24 million per year for 2 seasons. Anybody think this might have played in as well when Torts got canned?

I think this is the reasoning behind this strictly made business decision and some of Dolans accountants played their part screaming to play him another year. These guys know nothing about hockey though...or the intangible consequences of this entire ordeal. They see him (Richhards) as the cattle on the field eating the grass and they are helping out the rancher, in this case Dolan.

The only problem is that if Richards gets injured and cannot be bought out - the manure hits the fan in a big way and the team is capcrippled for years to come. Disaster!!! They are taking a very big chance here. But I see "the reason" behind it. Crazy stuff! I think Richards will come out pretty eager to prove his worth on the freeagent market next season - which could get scary if his legs are really gone making him all the more injury prone. This does not bode well...

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