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Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
I want to turn this conversation a bit and change the focus. Agreed, this is a horrible decision; no matter how you cut it or look it at, it is simply cannot be defended.

Seriously then, why did the Ranger management team make it? They certainly knew the cap implications, injury risk factor, BR's declining production and age, and play so poor that it was an "organizational decision" not to dress him in the most important games of the year.


I don't want to hear that Sather was stupid. He is not "stupid." I am not a Sather fan and wanted him gone long ago, but I cannot say that a man so well-respected, who has lasted so long, is "stupid" or "dumb." That response just doesn't cut it.

I also don't want to hear that Dolan made him keep him. That would be totally out of character for everything we have heard about the Dolan/Sather relationship. Dolan was the man, after all, who was OK with burying Redden in the minors. One way or another, BR was going to get his money: maybe not as much if he bought out as opposed to playing but still a significant amount.

Why then?

The only answer I can come up that makes any sense is that AV, the coach that you have just entrusted the team to for the next 5 years wanted to keep him and made a strong case for doing so. This wasn't a "new" coach in his first job but an experienced, successful coach with a long track record of success that you were bringing in. You need to value his input and give him some say in decision making. You need to trust his judgement to a large degree. Looking at this team and knowing of BR's reputation, I can certainly see AV saying to Sather that he would like to keep him for at least one more year.

Nothing else seems logical to me. I'm trying to look at this rationally and remove the venom from the situation. We may disagree with many of the moves that the front office has made (there have certainly been some poor ones), but we cannot say decisions are made from stupidity. There was certainly a lot of discussion here. The decision wasn't made in a vacume: all the ramifications were certainly considered. The decision was make to keep BR. The big question is why: simply say that Sather was inept or stupid or ignorant, just does not cut it.
If true, and I dont think it is, thats a terrible start to AV's career here.

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