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06-30-2013, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
This reminds me of a political show where they went to Fordham University to ask students if they think we should continue using oil and gas. Almost all said we shouldn't. When the host asked what energy we should use instead, one said (and the others were similar, though not as explicit, usually just confused):

"If we got energy that didn't harm the environment, was inexpensive and available in unlimited amounts, I would be in favor of that."

How did he come up with that?! Just brilliant! Yes, we should have cheap energy that is unlimited and doesn't harm the environment. Oh wait... that doesn't exist. But he sure put a smart look on his face in saying this!

Same with many fans here. Yes, we should definitely draft a skilled guy who has size with our third round pick. That's just a brilliant idea. Why didn't I think of drafting an Eric Lindros-type in the third round? Oh wait, it's because you can't do that.

The only big guys available in the third round are bums who have no skill and can't skate. Some of them develop later, but for each such player, there are literally dozens who never make the NHL and many who can't even make the AHL.

There's a reason why a guy slips to the third round (or even out of the top-3). It is because he has flaws. You have to pick which flaw you are ok living with, but he will have flaws. If he's big, then he can't skate. If he can skate, then he can't think. If he can think, then he's always injured. But there's always a reason why he slipped to the third round.

Because you live in a fantasy land and you can just criticize someone else without being the one responsible for the actual decision. Again, to draw a political comparison, everyone wants to increase spending on everything: hospitals, schools, retirement, welfare, etc., and everybody wants to lower taxes, and nobody wants to run the budget into ridiculous debt... except this is impossible. But if you are not the Mayor/Governor/President, you don't have to make this decision, so you just criticize others.

Yes, I know you want a big guy who's skilled in the third round. But no, those guys are rarely available outside of the lottery picks, and when they are, it is usually because they have no hockey sense, can't skate, or are always injured. But as a fan, you don't have to make those decisions. You can just sit here and make ridiculous demands that the team drafts a skilled power forward in the third round.

Epic post is epic.

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