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10-20-2006, 03:24 PM
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Maybe you were right....mike D speed without agility is meaningless. There is only one nhler(non-goalie) using a 13 foot rocker and that is chris pronger. Every other player in the league is on an 11 foot or less. Most are on a 9 foot, one of the reasons the tuuk was one of the most used blade holders.. Rocker and hollows have been know in hockey since the BEGINING of hockey.....the current design, either a 9 foot or 11 foot is all anybody needs for the most part. The difference between a 9 foot and 11 foot is very very little. Any speed increased you notice would be in your head. Going beyond an 11 foot, you will lose WAY to much agility and will not see any type of noticeable speed increase until you get into the mid 20s(and you will not be able to turn properly or execute quick changes of direction). You have to remember speed skate blades are 17 inches LONG on a flat grind Thats one of the reasons there so fast.....being this long....they also take away agility and turning ability. For every action, there is a reaction. With a flat grind you wouldn't even be able to'd just slide. And you know what I've seen goalies on a 28 foot rocker....they aint that There's no magical blade combination One of the main reasons speed skaters are also so fast is they don't wear equipment....think how much your hockey bag u know how much that slows u down!!! Think about how much faster your legs move when your not wearing equipment....its not just weight but also the equipment slowing down leg movement because theres all that bulk interefering with the natural movements of your legs. they wear skin tight suits to help with air resistance. Also, a speed skater has different technique because there's a much longer gliding phase because of the blade design and the intensity of there skating(thus the need for fast gliding speeds ie flat grind) and races are not done at 100% could u skate 100% for 5000 meters? impossible....even in 500 meter they don't use a two arm swing and there not going 100% through the whole race. It's a very different type of skating than hockey. During races, you'll see a speed skater skating with both his hands behind his back and bent over a 90 degrees to avoid wind resistance. Not exactly a good technique for, but for trying to go moderate intensity with blades that have a long glide works.
The fact of the matter, all of this hollow and rocker stuff is mostly meaningless.....just buy the skates, get a normal sharpening from a competent skateshop and your FINE!!!!!!! A great skater is not made by a hollow or a rocker....obviously

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