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06-30-2013, 11:09 AM
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I've never really understood why top players don't ever seem to consider the Preds in free agency. On one hand I sorta get it, because of the lack of tradition as a contender in the past, but everything else is just sorta puzzling. We haven't had elite success, but anyone that knows the league knows we're a generally competitive team that makes the playoffs more often than not.

If I was a player, I'd at least want to look at a team that has a foundation and knows how to win. We generally fit that bill. As far as where a player wants to live and all that, let's be honest, unless it's a place that truly stands out one way or another, a player doesn't really care that much more often than not, I would assume. Unless it's somewhere like New York, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Florida, or maybe Vancouver or Toronto I don't think location really stands out much. IMO, those cities and areas are very appealing to a lot of people as far as being able to live there and tend to stand out in a player's mind over other locations, especially for someone with a lot of money.

And speaking of money, yes, Nashville is a great city to live in and we have a lot going for us, but a lot of that means nothing to an athlete that has a boat load of cash. Doesn't matter where someone signs. A player can sign in Detroit, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Columbus, wherever, and find a great neighborhood with great schools for his family and live a great life. On the topic of Columbus, I was never really mad at the fact that top FAs never seem to sign here until Jeff Carter signed in Columbus. Sure, he was traded that year but he still voluntarily chose to sign with a team newer than us with no winning tradition whatsoever.

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