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06-30-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Why do we have to replace Plekanec? I don't understand this logic...

The idea that we NEED to replace Plekanec would come from the thought that he's essential and indispensable to this teams success

But as we are all too well aware...this team hasn't had any success

This isn't to say that he's solely responsible...but to say he NEEDS to be replaced if he's ever moved, doesn't really make sense to me

Yes the Habs would be a different team without Plekanec, maybe an inferior one, maybe a superior one...maybe it remains the same.

Who knows, that depends on the deal...

Truth is...Plekanec is a valuable player, both to the Habs and to perspective teams

It would be foolish to hang onto him at all costs for the sake of fearing what we would be without him...when in fact we should be fearing what we currently are

A team constantly stuck in the same cycle of mediocrity

There may be other avenues to change this...

I don't personally believe trading David Desharnais will accomplish this, nor do I believe moving someone like Subban or Galchenyuk makes much sense either as IMO, those 2 players are much more 'irreplaceable' then Plekanec would be
That's fine and all, but it's not Plekanec's fault.

So just because we've been mediocre doesn't mean we have to move Plekanec.
And unless you want to stay mediocre, we will need to replace him. I personally believe Galchenyuk and Eller will be able to take the reigns as #1-2 centers but I don't think they're ready for it next season, and I don't see the necessity in moving Plekanec right now.

I also look at the way Plekanec's defensive game seemed to have rubbed off on Eller, and hope the same can happen with Galchenyuk.
As up and comers, they look at the veterans and learn from them, Plekanec is a great mentor to have. His work ethic is irreproachable, I have not seen him pout or whine about any role or linemates he ever was given, his two way game is one of the best one in the NHL.
So ya, he surely must have a good trade value, he also has a great value for our team as well.

I don't believe in giving bigger responsibilities to players unless they've shown the potential of handling it. Eller and Gally have not shown it yet. They certainly are promising, like Price was, but I think moving Plekanec would equate moving Huet and simply rushing the youngsters into a role they're probably not quite ready for.

I don't think the timing to move Plekanec is right.

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