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Originally Posted by MollyMollyOxenFree View Post
Of all the terrible decisions that Sather has made as GM of the Rangers, not using a compliance buyout on Richards this summer might be the worst.

It very much has the potential I agree. The bottom line is this they made a decision and felt Richards is worth giving one more shot. ITs a HUGE risk if it doesn't work out and he gets hurt and were stuck with his cap hit and cant buy him out next year. But Richards is a competitor and Im anxious to see with a full season of training and new coach will do. You have to remember half these guys weren't planning on playing last season with the lockout ( not saying thats right or wrong you should prepare anyways.)

But if Management feels theres a more certain chance Marc walks in 2 years to Carolina which I feel is the case, then I think this changed alot. You will see Staal getting dealt to highest bidder today at the draft. And in the end it will likely be Carolina upping there ante. There 5th which is going to be a high end prospect plus a low cap hit winger/ D. We already saw this team can make a push even without Staal weve been without him enough the past year and a half with all his injures. You sell now before he walks leaving us the space to keep all our RFAs plus Richards for one more year....

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