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Originally Posted by TheNextDaigle View Post
I think the point is still a bit lost on you guys(?), as Detroit definitely would have gotten more out of picking Fisher, rather than Jiri Fischer, as cynical as that might sound.
Agree with this too. What happened, happened. I said the same thing when people were saying Bossy was a better #15 overall draft pick than Sakic in the polls forum. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, Sakic didn't get hurt so it doesn't matter how much more talented Bossy was (and yes he was, that guy makes Hulls trigger look slow).

Love Jiri but he took forever to develop and then once he did, poof. I am glad he survived and he seems like a pretty good player development guy; but rewind time? We take Mike.

Edit: fine, slow to develop is not fair: I was impatient because he was huge. Better?

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