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10-20-2006, 07:52 PM
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"There were far less injuries back when the players didn't wear helmets, let alone face masks or full cages."

Really, what data do you have supporting this. Gordie howe almost died one time when he ran into the boards headfirst without a helmet.

The difference is the appearance that there's more injuries nowadays. The reality is just that there better able to diagnose concussions. Players back then just would have kept playing and a lot of careers were ended back then. Up until the late 80s nobody really knew anything about concussions. Also, watch a tape of old time hockey. There WAY slower There's not even close to the amount of speed that they have now.

So your logical reasoning is that if we took away helmets, there would be less injuries? I'm guessing maybe you don't wear a helmet yourself because clearly you've suffered a brain injury youself with that type of reasoning skills.

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