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06-30-2013, 02:24 PM
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Ths chokeberry brandy sound soo yummy! Any chance you still know where to get it or even better how to make it?


Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Well my imbibing friends, today being one of the days that I drink out of the year firstly I would like to say cheers to you all!

Secondly I have had two pilsner and one honey lager that had generational hops? Who knows but as someone who tends to like fruit flavored girlie drinks I enjoyed each of these beers. One is called Fingerlings Ale and the other two were called Verboten Brau which I thought was kind of a funny name.

Other than that my good old home made chokeberry brandy which I would share with each of you given the opportunity. It is just so perfectly balanced. I am heathen so I serve it in a 50/50 mix of soda water and it tastes like a chokeberry Italian soda sort of. Don't care, its really good and always makes everyone who drinks it smile and have a happy time.

So here is to you all each and every one of us! God bless us Kings fans tonight and for the rest of the year!

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