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01-08-2004, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by VaFlyer
First, I want to say congrats to Boucher on his great accomplishment. I too was a big fan and was sad that he was the player traded at the time, although I understand it from a business and hockey perspective.

Let me make this point though. The 2 stats cannot be looked at independently. They have to coexist. If they do not, you end up evaluating players purely on one number or another and not as he is playing as a whole. If you face 100 shots in 1 game and only give up 3 goals, your save % .970 is going to be awesome but your GAA is 3.00 which is only average. But would anyone argue that you having saved 97 shots in one game wasn't spectacular? On the other hand if you face only 4 shots for a .750 save % and give up 1 goal for a 1.00 GAA does that mean you played badly? NO. It may depend on what the shot was. It may not have been stoppable. Maybe the other team pulled its goalie and already had a 2 man advantage leaving Mario or Gretzky standing alone in front with no one guarding them. Maybe the 1 shot was a penalty shot. The point is you can't go by numbers alone to evaluate players, especially goalies. If you watch Boucher right now, he must see the puck as a beach ball, that he can't help but stop, but if you watched him earlier in the year, you would think the net was the entire width of the ice because he could barely stop anything. I am not saying I wouldn't bring Boucher back for the right price, just that Esche has played really well for us and right now I am happy with him as a goalie.
I totally agree with looking at both statistics, I was just pointing out that I read more into save% than anything... but you brought up a good point... I actually saw bouchers stats before his streak, and is GAA wasn't impressive, but his save% was still better than Sean Burke's. What that tells me is he faces a ton of shots in Phoenix. I think his save% before the tear was around .910, which if you have a .900 or better you're doing something right. But you're correct, all the statistics together make for a better assessment... but I guess the best assessment you can make is actually seeing the guy. When he was still in philly, after the 2000 run, he was still playing good hockey, but the team wouldn't score more than 1 goal for him while he was in net, and whenever cechmanek played, for whatever reason, they would score 3-4 goals.

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