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Obviously, if you can find something fun... that also builds endurance that is best.
I grew up pretty far from worried about health and fitness beyond making sure I could maintain a "normal" lifestyle.

Got into road biking and all of a sudden fitness became necessary, as did knowledge of health/nutrition/fueling... Road biking can be a lot of fun, a decent road bike (while expensive) is definitely a lot more interesting then some crap mountain bike... All of which is better then a spin bike

But short of finding another fitness based hobby, as said above you have to want it. You have to have the mental fortitude to push hard enough to see results. When you begin to see results, and link those to the work you put in it will become its own motivation.

When getting into shape, I always saw it a bit like a fight.
At first, you just kinda get beat up. Obviously this is no fun...You don't have enough of a base to really deal with it... You have to just keep going and pay your dues at this point.
As you get better, you can deal with the stress of the work out... and even push back. Once you get a little more behind you the fight feels a little more fair. At some point, it feels a bit more like kicking ass then getting beat up.

I remember starting to ride bike, getting winded and sore was brutal. Seriously feeling like you have to throw up and your legs are going to explode.
As I got better, feeling winded and sore only put some fight behind you and makes you push harder. You have to focus on how you want to be better. See the pain and struggle as you fighting against your weakness and learn to do what it takes to win. Winning is always enjoyable

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