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01-08-2004, 10:34 AM
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S'funny, but it seems to me, and I've heard this from friends as well, that Langdon wasn't originally drafted as a 'goon' type player. That was something he developped in his game when he realized that his play was not going to be enough to keep him here.

The most pleasing part of that has the be the fact that he can play as well. Yes, I like that he's a team player and a good lockerroom person, but I think it's a wonderful bonus that, when you do put him on the ice, you don't have a lamo who's nothing but fists on blades.

Sure, he's nothing special, but he gives you good honest work, a better defensive coverage that some of the higher profile players, and occasionally a nifty play or two that would bring a smile to any coach's face.

With Begin, it's easy to give the kudos to Gainey. Langdon's contribution, while brute in some respects, is subtle but just as effective in others and, at least for me, he's been one of the best surprises on the Habs in years.


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