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06-30-2013, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by MS View Post
Our actual NHL team, you know, the one that's won 5 straight division titles, got older and worse today.

But yeah, who cares about winning. It's way better to be Edmonton. Let's cull everyone so we can finish 7th-10th in the conference next year but move up from 25th to 15th in the HF prospect rankings. That'll be awesome!

I've waited my entire life to have a legitimate Cup contending team that's winning President's Trophies, icing Art Ross, Hart, and Selke winners, and might win a Cup. Every move that's being made should be done with only one thing in mind - winning a Cup before 2015.

I don't care if we lose 70 games in 2019. I want every effort to be made to win with this team now.
This. This so much.

What did we win with Schneider in net in the playoffs? One game in 5 tries? This team needs to worry about it's forwards a lot more than it needs to worry about how our goaltending will be in 4 years. You do that by culling declining talent and getting assets for them in order to have a next man up. Mediocre teams are so afraid to go to the well again that they overpay average talent and hold onto it for way too long. It's ironic that you would make this argument when moving Luongo for nothing would be exactly what would leads this team to perpetual mediocrity.
I, too, judge a player's playoff performances on ridiculously small sample sizes.

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