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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Dude, quit your bellyaching already. We didn't get an elite forward. They were all picked before we were able to pick. We got the best player on the board and arguably the best player in the draft. We should've traded down to get a lesser talent and maybe another pick? How does that make us better? Having Jones not only makes our D solid as all get out but it also is going to help the transition game which should help our offense.

I get it, we all wanted one of the top forwards out of this draft. We didn't get one of them. Get over it. We are moving forward without MacKinnon, Barkov or Drouin. We got bigger like Poile wanted to do. We got a stud of a defenseman. It's not sexy, it's not pretty and it's not what we wanted. So what. Who knows how our offensive prospects are going to turn out. Who knows what may happen with any of defensemen.

As I've suggested before, we have some trade chips if we desire to move someone. That is something we didn't have. We can afford to move a defenseman if we so choose. It can be any of them to be perfectly honest. While I'm not a fan of trading Weber, if Jones turns out to be good, we can trade Weber for a kings ransom. The needs of the team today were elite forwards and while we didn't get one, we still got an elite player in his own right. And who knows what the needs of the team are going to be in a few years. Maybe Poile is gone. Maybe Trotz is gone. Maybe we change our system around. To say we needed a forward and that today is not addressing needs, one of them was filled, a top 4 defender. We did that. If we had picked a goalie or a lesser player then I'd be pissed but getting the best player is a win for us, plain and simple.


And as much moaning as we do here on how (un)enticing Nashville may be to dynamic FAs - how sexy would it be walking into a team with Weber/Josi/Klein/Jones knowing they were only one or two forwards away from being serious contenders. Also, knowing they could be "that guy" on the team since our fanbase is pretty much guaranteed to fall in love with anyone that scores more than 30 goals a season - it would be damn enticing. Players want to win, and Nashville has solidified one half of it's ice for years to come.

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