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06-30-2013, 08:39 PM
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It seems to me like some in this thread are arguing that just finding an NHL player in the draft is a success. I disagree with that and will try to give an example.

IMO if you have two GM's over the course of 5 drafts make 3rd round picks.

GM 1: finds 3 4th line players
GM2: misses on 4, but finds 1 bonafide 3rd liner.

I say GM 2 is the more successful. In the NHL with the salary cap it's about finding talent and putting them on your roster to perform and if you do it on the cheap (I.E. draft/develop the player so they are paid under what it would cost to acquire that type of player as a FA) then you are a success.

The amount of cost to sign/pick-up guys to play on your 4th line is a lot less than the cost to sign 3rd line players. The amount for 3rd line players is less than 2nd line players...

I don't think you should draft any player with the mindset that you think their ultimate upside is 4th line until you've seen every single prospect who you think has an upside greater than that gone off the board.

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