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06-30-2013, 10:24 PM
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-Really like McCarron at 25, was near the top of my wishlist for a long time.
-Not thrilled about de la Rose at 34 but I think he'll be an NHLer.
-Can't complain about Fucale at 36 but again, not ecstatic.
-Big fan of Lehkonen, major skill injection to a draft that was lacking it at this point.
-Knew nothing about Crisp, had to think there were better players on the board.
-Andrighetto is all skill, but I think he's a longshot to be an NHLer
-Reway wasn't on my radar much, pretty much same as Andrighetto - another small skill guy who I think is a longshot
-Gregoire also wasn't on my radar much but a lot of people I trust like him so I'll take their word on it...just didn't see him myself.

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