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Thank You Hinkie!
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post

That's the only defenseman taken after Morin that I outright thought was a better pick. There were also some toss-ups, but that's the point. The Flyers liked Morin.
Per Holmgren

Q: On trading down with the first round pick

"We had quite a few calls to move back, but we didn't really have... we'd identified two or three players, and Samuel was one of them. Once we knew he was going to be there we had no intention of moving back."
Q: What about your first round pick - what stands out about him?

"Samuel's come a long way in a short period of time. He's ultra-competitive... for a guy that's that big, he skates very well. Great range, obviously. Pretty good understanding of the game, and his puck skills have just gotten so much better in not a very long period of time. I think he's a very good prospect with a chance to really blossom over the next year or two."
Q: He talked of idolizing Pronger... is this the kid that could be the next Pronger?

"I hate to put that stamp on a kid. He's a guy we really like. Like I said, he's come a long way in the last little while. Simon Nolet, who works in Québec, and Todd Hearty, our other scout who's in Québec, they've spent a lot of time following Samuel around. Obviously they're very excited that we were able to draft him."
Q: Is he NHL ready?

"I'm never going to say never... i think that's a stretch. We'll get a look at him next week with some of our other young kids when they come into town. We'll see. But my opinion right now, I'd say it's a stretch. It's not to take anything away from him. We think he's a very good prospect for the Flyers for the future."
Q: On taking defensemen with the first two picks

"Like I said to you guys the other day, if a forward was clearly the better player at the 11th pick, that's who we're gonna take. We actually had three or four defensemen, probably, that we considered the next guys, and Samuel's the guy we have."

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