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Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
I think the problem here is that Bergevin is drafting as if we were a Top 5 NHL Team. He kept talking about drafting kids with character here. Example, Jacob De La Rose. MB mentionned how "He fits perfectly in the team of any championship contending team". Hes basically looking for character to build a solid bottom 6 for the future.

In theory that sounds amazing. He kept saying "Like we did in Chicago", but the problem is you can't compare Montreal and Chicago. RIGHT NOW, We aren't anywhere close to what Chicago is. If MB is thinking in 3-4 Years from now that we will have a Championship Calibre team, and that his last picks will mould in perfectly to give us the right combinasion so that we end up being similar to the BlackHawks, then amazing projection work by him and hats off.

But as of now, these picks don't really make sense. Our Top 6 still needs some tweaking for it to be a championship calibre offense. So its really hard to judge this draft. As of today, considering our current situation, I'll give it a B-. In 3-4 years from now, if we're a Championship Calibre team, I'd tend to go towards an A. On the other side, if we become a mediocre team, this draft could potentially go down to the C.

Only time will tell. But you could see that this draft was more a draft to fill in our needs with Depth and Size (For the most part). Compared to last year where we got multiple potential "Impact" players, this year seems more to be a "Role Filling" draft. Its sort of hard to explain what I'm trying to say here
And that is why when Marc Bergevin was asked about Vinny and about all other ufa and trade talks he said. "We are concentrating on the draft for now, we will look at our other options later, but for now it is the draft we are working on.

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