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06-30-2013, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Chris, no disrespect intended but you don't even watch these guys play live. At best you watch a few videos of these guys and pass yourself off as an "expert" while you are as clueless as any of the rest of us.
I probably watch more than you think. And also, never did I pretend my opinion was more valid than anyone else's here. Why do you assume I do? Because my name is green, and I have the balls to say exactly what I think.

I can tell by the next bit though that the disrespect was intended, so I'll carry on.

Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
CG knows a hell of a lot more about them than you ever will and I'm personally tired of your condescending demeanor.
What the hell does CG know?

I never pretended that I know more than her or less than her. Nor do I care what she knows.

How'd she get thrown into this conversation anyway?

Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I too can read up on these prospects and I've yet to see anything on any dman available when we picked that suggests that there was a top pairing guy available.

I've yet to read anything that suggests that anybody outside of Jones, Nurse, or Ristolainen is a top pairing guy. Jones 1st and the other two as possibles at best.

I'm also pretty much there too.

Don't know why you're up in arms about it.

I think the potential is there, but I don't much like our chances. Obviously you haven't been paying much attention to what I've said.

Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
NOBODY who scouted these guys projects any of them except for Jones to be a legit top pairing guy.

Everyone agrees that we need help for our defense in the future (ie - dmen prospects) but what do we really need??? We have Coburn, still young, a solid defensive dman, we have Schenn, a physical defensive dman, we have Grossman, a solid bottom 4 defensive, shot blocking dman. What are we missing??? A legit good PMD with offensive upside. Did we get that in Morin?? **** no!!!! We got another big physical defensive minded dman. We still have a ****ing hole in generating offensve from the blueline and moving the puck out of the zone. The only long term future we have on the blueline in that role is freaking Gustafsson and while I really like him, we can only hope that he tops out at becoming a legit 2nd pairing guy in that mold and he's not even close to being that right now.

This selection has failure written all over it. Not because Morin will be a bust but because it DIDN'T address any freaking needs at all. Hell, we would have been better served to draft another forward than a type of dman that we DIDN'T need more of.
Go home Phlocky. You're drunk.

I'm not going to take your insults seriously because I pretty much assume you are actually drunk.

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