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01-08-2004, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by AK-63
I've been a long time visitor and there were a lot of posts that I felt the urge to register and reply. And I always retained myself. But this is the one that I could not resist.

If you want to bash Houde/Pedneault for their pronounciation, bash them for Van Hallen, olik, Dzubov, Ilaia, not for the names they pronounce right! Where do you see "ts" in Plekanec you ask? Where the heck do you see "" in Joe Juneau is my answer to you or why do you pronoince Fransooa, instead of Frankoiss in Francois? Do you realise there are accents and pronounciation rules in Czech too?

Well, maybe I'm a bit too angry right now, but it's probably because I'm pissed that my name is not pronounced correctly most of the time and it's good to know that at least here are some people trying to make an effort to pronounce foreign names correctly who get bashed for it!

Finally, here is how the names discussed above should be pronounced:
- Ilia Kovalchook (he is just tired of correcting everyone who was saying "chuk" when he came in the league. As a rule of thumb, forget about English pronounciation rules in Russian names, "u" always sounds as oo and "i" is always ee, not ay).
- Tomash Plekanets ("" is sh in Czech, and "c" in most cases is ts)
- Petrovitski (same reasons)
- Dvorjak ("ř" in Czech is rj, same as in Pilarj, Jirji).

Now hopefully it is more clear why Neckar is pronounced Netskarj

A very intelligent post in an incredibly ignorant thread. You are correct in your analysis of why Kovalchuk allows the North American fans and media to butcher his name.

Bob Cole is maybe one of the most ignorant announcers in the game as he continues to butcher Tomas Kaberle's name. In a live interview Cole asked Kaberle about the proper pronounciation of his name and Kaberle responded with (Ka-bear-luh), Cole paused for a second and then asked Kaberle if it would be o.k. if he continued to pronounce his name (Ka-burr-lay), an obviously uncomftorable Kaberle nodded his tentative approval of Cole's abomination and from that day on Cole (along with most other Leaf fans including the ACC announcer) has continued to improperly pronounce Kaberle's name. To the credit of THE FAN radio station, they seem to be the only people who have shown Tomas Kaberle's name the proper respect a surname deserves.

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