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06-30-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Honestly, are you going to be happy if we "realistically" end up with a 2nd/3rd paring guy with the 11th pick??? I know that's I'm not!!!! This was a draft that we SHOULD have either made the tough decision to pay the price to move up or to trade the pick outright for Schneider or someone of the like. Hell, the Leafs gave up peanuts for JB and WE couldn't put together a better package???? WTF???
I don't disagree that they should have moved up or traded the pick for a good d-man, but what we need is a franchise-caliber d-man and they just weren't available for anything less than a cost that would essentially bankrupt the franchise of prospect talent.

If you're railing on about not getting Jones at #4, I don't think that NSH would have traded the pick, just as I doubt TB would be willing to move it for a huge cost. At the cost that it would take to move up, I'd rather give up a bit more in the way of assets and acquire a proven top-pairing D-man. We all know what Calgary wanted for their pick (Coby+Read+11) and I think we can agree that is too extreme a price... so why are you *****ing and moaning?

Nobody knows what Morin will become, the dude isn't even old enough to walk into a titty bar yet. He's boom or bust, and if he booms, he'll be the best player in the draft behind Nate Mac and Jones imho.

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