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The unbiased view from the main board on who won the draft. Some great opinions about our draft picks.

Originally Posted by sjci View Post
In no order

1) Montreal
2) Vancouver
3) Edmonton
4) Buffalo

1) Sharks
Originally Posted by Flyerss View Post
Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Winners :

Losers :
Originally Posted by Tachycineta View Post
I have to give my annual saying

Winners: The 211 kids who got drafted today
Loser: Luongo, but he's a pro and hopefully, the roller coaster ride will be over for him. He deserves that.

Out of curiosity, did anyone have more selections than Buffalo, with 11? I know there were 3 teams that had 10 picks going into the draft. I'm not sure if some of the teams added more picks by dropping back/trades etc.

I liked the Kings moves of trading up for Zykov and the Habs stealing Fucale. I think he's going to be great. I like the Vancouver picks. I'm not sure about the trade, though. I guess they had to do that given their structure.

Very Classy, what the Devils did. And I hope Brodeur ends up being a solid prospect for them. Way to go, Devils.
Originally Posted by Chieftans22 View Post
Lumbus, Buffalo, Montreal, Van all had good drafts. Also NJ
Originally Posted by Stats01 View Post
The biggest winner has to be the Montreal Canadiens by far. Holy **** did they hit home runs on pretty much their first 3-4 picks. I hate it as a Leaf fan but how can you hate on their draft. I love De La Rose and Fucale as prospects, ****
Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
I liked what Montreal and Columbus did because I like a lot of the guys they selected. Also, the Zykov move for LA was something that puts a talented goal scorer into their stable.
Originally Posted by Steve Holt View Post
Outside of teams that didn't pick Top 5...


Two potential studs in Ristolainen and Zadorov with their first two picks.

Addressed size up front - something they needed - and added goaltending depth - something you can never have too much of.

Originally Posted by Prairie Habs View Post

Gonna go with the crowd here and say CBus, Buffalo, and Montreal


Edmonton. I really like Nurse as a pick for them but if they have Yakimov and Yakupov on the same team Bob Cole won't be allowed to do their games and he is a beauty.
Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
Really liked what Montreal did with their picks.

NJ wins big here.

I liked what the Flames did but i'm bias of course.

Columbus and Buffalo also deserve a mention.
Thought I'd give some perspective from fans around the league for some of the fans who don't follow the draft much.

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