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07-01-2013, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I never said that we SHOULD have moved back. If that's what you took from my post then that's on you. What I said was that there wasn't any difference between him and guys available later. that was in no way me saying we SHOULD have moved back.
No, my friend, that's on you. If you meant something entirely different than what you posted, then you should have double checked your post before submitting your garbled nonsense that you so often submit to us.

Seriously, what else am I supposed to take from "we should not have been worried about moving back"?

We SHOULD have moved UP!!! If we couldn't move up (and no, I don't think that we couldn't and no, I don't think the price to do so would have "bankrupt" the franchise as some have suggested) then we SHOULD have done something other than draft a guy who projects to be nothing more than a 2nd pairing guy as his probable upside. whether that was moving back or trading the pick outright IDK, but drafting Morin at 11 wasn't the best move we could have made. It was very very disappointing.
I defer to my post above. You somehow think it's easy to pick out and acquire a franchise D. But as I showed you above, most of the true franchise defenders in the league were nothing of the sort on their draft day. Sometimes you just need to let the chips fall and wait to see how they land.

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