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07-01-2013, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Rumour I'm hearing,is soon as the other team involved read news of a Quebec parade,
They got cold feet....Eck blew the parade all to pieces.

Now there's parade floats goin up for sale on classfieds ads sites like crazy...
Was not a rumour.
I heard it clearly on 98.5.

Now you are explaining why the Nucks had cold feet.

I just wanted to talk about what was said by Martin McGuire.

I do understand your explanation. I would not even say it is farfetched. It does not makes sense in anyway.

Do you have anything to support what you say?

What I heard is pretty clear.

There was a deal in motion so the Habs could get Morin and it turned sour.
So either you are a sbire for the Habs or you would want to know more about this.

This has nothing to do about any parade.
You think Morin would warrant a parade?

Some of us has the recordings.
I know what I heard and you can dismiss it as much as you want but it remains...

There was a deal to get Morin and Habs were screwed big time.

I heard it on a legitimate source (98.5) and it is interesting.
You may want to pretend that it is a rumor but I am certainly not alone...

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