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07-01-2013, 02:34 AM
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I love you guys lol. Seriously can we stop with the "you haven't even seen him play" line. We have a Storm fan here. He's seen the kid play, he offered a first hand opinion and you basically ignored him because it doesn't fit your narrative. I quote:

Originally Posted by Landru View Post
I'm a Storm fan, went to 10 games this season plus saw 5 or so more on TV. I'm shocked he went in the second. He's been an solid player for the Storm, great pest while contributing some offense this season. But I really don't think he should've been drafted this high. Very odd move. But Detroit always drafts well, maybe they saw something in him that I/the rest of the media didn't.

Originally Posted by Landru View Post
Have you even seen him play? This does not seem like a second round player...

Originally Posted by Landru View Post
Like most others, 5th-7th. Maybe 4th, but even then I would've been surprised. I'm shocked he was chosen in the second, by Detroit of all teams...
Enjoy your Andrew Shaw fantasies, but this was a terrible pick.

The kid plays in the OHL and doesn't even have a highlight video. Note, I said "the OHL" as in Ontario; it's not like he's from East Nowherestan. Guelph is pretty scoutable last I checked folks.

Wasted pick. And DO NOT say it was free. There is no such THING as a free draft pick. Holland made a good move to trade down and then by virtually all accounts wasted it. Between this and the last contract I'm now convinced that Bert has pictures of someone in the front office dressed like a vegas showgirl to use as blackmail material; he'll be assistant GM next.

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