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Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
Taking the glass half full perspective:

1. Comparing his numbers with Zibanejad for Draft year and 2 years prior in same league (pro rated to same number of games)
DelaRose: 50-8-8-16 (SEL), 42-6-14-20 (J20), 22-12-11-23 (J18)
Zibanejad: 50-10-8-18 (SEL), 42-6-6-12 (J20), 22-4-4-8 (J18)

2. He had better offensive numbers in his league team on his Draft year and 2 years prior than Burakovsky. Burakovsky had a big offensive year and better numbers 1 year prior.

3. He's more than 6 months younger than Wennberg and Lindholm, and 3 months younger than Burakovsky.

4. In the tapes I watched in International Competitions, his skating and stickhandling were close to the other 3 sweedish top offensive prospects this year. To really distinguish him from the others I would have needed to have a bunch of viewings in their respective leagues... So I had to take the word of the skating reports.
nice again. I think it was you who posted his stats compared to F.Forsberg and they were very comparable. Even if he doesn't develop his offensive game he could still be very effective but man if he does? we could have a huge steal on our hands.

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