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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
The cost of replacing machines.

No point spending a few grand or even dropping five digits to buy a new machine when you can't charge significantly more for a FBV sharpening.

Heard the sharpening method is different too. While trivial, it is an issue as well.

I personally love FBV sharpening, but can live with ROH. I won't spend the extra 10-15 minutes to drive down to a place that offers FBV sharpening. While the difference is noticeable, having a ROH sharpening won't hinder my ability as a bottom tier beer leaguer.

Can't buy that fully.

Remember back then when flat screen (LCD/Plasma) screens where $10,000 a pop, and now that they've been standardized, they're practically between $500 - $1,000.

Yes I understand that the initial cost of transition from one tech to another will be significant; but I've always thought "true progress" inevitably always replaces outdated and obsolete tech/practices. And once progressive methods have become standardized, then cost-wise they begin to fall within reason shouldn't they?

Seriously, I thought if something truly was good, the market will have a convincing demand for it. For example, look at composite sticks now replacing wooden sticks. I thought the price of $200 - $300 would be so niche and so small that this market wouldn't dominate. I'm wrong. In fact, so wrong that I'm noticing composite sticks are now the norm over wood; despite the cost.

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