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07-01-2013, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
I do have the right. As does everyone else. Especially when you're making dumb picks which is highlighting the organization's refusal to accept what the league has become. This is why the smart teams who win championships do it right at the draft, and we're signing and trading for guys who are in their late 30s. It doesn't matter if he makes the NHL if he's a bad player when he gets there. If the best player available is being compared to Zac Rinaldo, that is a tremendous failure in organizational philosophy. Let's highlight how this failed culture resulted in acceptance of mediocrity:

Still very little about hockey skill. Which means he wasn't the best player available, which means you did it wrong.
Look, I never said it was a good pick. All I am saying is that you know exactly jack boo about this kid, and probably only a tiny miniscule amount more about whomever it was you had in mind. You can say you don't like the pick. That is fine. I don't really like it either. I would have rather seen them pick the guy Minnesota picked a few picks later (Kurtis Gabriel). But I am not going to sit here and say they got it wrong and should have picked him because one time I saw a clip about him. That is ridiculous. You (and most others on here) don't know Goulbourne. You (and most others on here) probably don't know many of the other guys drafted in the third round outside of random tweets and youtube clips. You saw a couple lists and Goulbourne wasn't on them. So they are wrong.

Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
I'm not one of those wannabe draft gurus that clearly knows little to nothing about 99% of these players,(like 95% of the people on this board), however any time you draft a guy that didn't even expected to be drafted, in the THIRD ROUND... that's without a doubt a bad pick.
Tell that to Keith Jones! When he was told he was drafted he thought there was a war going on.

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