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07-01-2013, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by BB v2 0 View Post
Devils were an excellent possession team, even watching them will tell you that. But, they have no finishers outside of Kovalchuk, so all of that possession generally means very little, and when they were in their own end, it was an adventure, especially with a 41 year/39 year old in net.

I think with Schneider they're a bottom-10 team instead of a bottom-5 team.
Bingo. We can have a team full of Marcel Hossas and post AMAZING possession stats yet still not score ****. That's why statsurfing is so gosh darn useless. You can't see how inept the shooters are outside of a select few. There is a stat for every argument I always say.

It's why I get so damn annoyed at Kershaw trying to do everything in his power to disparage the Rangers and prop up the Devils/Islanders at every chance he gets. It's obnoxiuos. "OH LEMME CITE THIS STAT GUYZ TO SHOW U WHY TEH RANGERZ ARE AWFUL AND TEH DEBBILS ARE OMGAMAZING!!!" It's painfully obvious that is going on with that and more people need to realize it.

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