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Originally Posted by BB v2 0 View Post
Devils were an excellent possession team, even watching them will tell you that. But, they have no finishers outside of Kovalchuk, so all of that possession generally means very little, and when they were in their own end, it was an adventure, especially with a 41 year/39 year old in net.

I think with Schneider they're a bottom-10 team instead of a bottom-5 team.
Every year we say this and they somehow overachieve (or we dont give the makeup of the team enough credit) and they make the playoffs (except last year)

While it was a great deal for the Devils in getting Schneider, they passed up a solid top 10 pick in a deep top-end draft (theyll make it seem like there wasnt as good of a crop on the table at 9, but there will be an impact player in that area looking back 3-4 years from now for sure).

They wont have a first rounder next year either so that really puts them behind the 8-ball in stocking their farm with top-level talent.

So this I am happy about.

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