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Originally Posted by Ace Rothstein View Post
He cited ratings as the reason for showing that the Sox have more fans than the Hawks. Whether they truly do or not will never actually be determined but ratings are probably the best available way to do so.

Cubs fans always claim they don't care about the Sox but they certainly prove themselves wrong over and over again.
Well, yeah, of course, ratings are faceless, tons of non-Sox fans watch Sox games, especially in the summer. Baseball is a good thing to have on in the background, both in bars and at home.

As for attendance, Wrigley is a party, a lot of the people don't give a **** and the Sox tickets were overpriced, which they fixed, and which has resulted in a 2,000 fan per game reduction in attendance. Therefore, that data is irrelevant.

But it is only July 1st, so over the course season, we may see them around the same attendance per game that they had last year, when tickets were more expensive.

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