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Originally Posted by Noir View Post
Can't buy that fully.

Remember back then when flat screen (LCD/Plasma) screens where $10,000 a pop, and now that they've been standardized, they're practically between $500 - $1,000.

Yes I understand that the initial cost of transition from one tech to another will be significant; but I've always thought "true progress" inevitably always replaces outdated and obsolete tech/practices. And once progressive methods have become standardized, then cost-wise they begin to fall within reason shouldn't they?

Seriously, I thought if something truly was good, the market will have a convincing demand for it. For example, look at composite sticks now replacing wooden sticks. I thought the price of $200 - $300 would be so niche and so small that this market wouldn't dominate. I'm wrong. In fact, so wrong that I'm noticing composite sticks are now the norm over wood; despite the cost.
That's why you'll see Blackstone sharpeners in the bigger shops, but not at the local rinks and smaller shops. They have the money in the bank to take the temporary hit.

In Vancouver, I'm assuming the only shops that carry FBV sharpening is Sportschek (done that there) and probably the Hockey Shop in Surrey.

Cyclone Taylor don't offer FBV, none of the rinks I've been to in Vancouver offer it either.

Sticks can't really be compared to sharpening because hockey stick is merchandise, in other words, inventory. Buying a new sharpening booth is investing a revenue generating asset.

It doesn't make sense to invest in one when it doesn't generate significantly more revenue or demand.

Small shops won't suddenly see a large surge in new customers after making FBV available, and the price for each sharpening is probably only $1-2 more than a ROH sharpening.

It may become more prevalent later on when the older machines inevitably depreciates, breaks down and needs to be replaced. For now, though, I don't see it becoming a standard.

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