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Originally Posted by setkreiderfree View Post
Moronic. That is all I can say about that. Letang is a good offensive defenseman who is made to lot a ton better by Crosby and Malkin. Defensively, he's atrocious at times.
Actually that's been shown to be false. Crosby or Malkin were involved in a relatively small percentage of Letang's points last year.

Only 16 of 38.

Originally Posted by nmbr_24 View Post
I don't think Boston would move Boychuk, he's too valuable to the team and his contract is very good for what he provides. Their D looks to be set up for at least a couple of years the way it is. They will probably have some work to do at forward depending on how much they can get from their prospects, but they have a few forward prospects that look pretty good.

The Penguins have good looking D prospects and I would be more comfortable if they could re-sign a guy like Engelland for short money to go along with Letang and Martin and a re-signed Despres that leaves 3 spots on D for the guys like Pouliot, Maatta, and Dumoulin. They are all high end prospects and I am almost positive they will be NHL defenseman but I am a little concerned if they will be ready when needed.

The Penguins forwards are a different story
, obviously they will re-sign Sutter and it will probably cost $4 million or close to it, but that still leaves 6 forward spots to fill without much money. Maybe you know better than I do, but I just don't see any obvious Penguin forward prospects that I can say I think will be ready for the NHL. I don't even know who they drafted yesterday so maybe they have a guy there.

This is where I see the Penguins having a difficult time. I am sure that they get through it, I just don't see any obvious solution, that is why these GM's get paid to do their job and I just get to talk about it
That's why smart teams draft BPA and trade for need.

We don't know how FA will play out this year (maybe Dupuis or Iginla will come back and fill out our top 6 at a discount), and a collection of d-men that has Despres, Bortuzzo, Samuelsson, Dumoulin, Harrington, Pouliot, and Maatta either in the NHL, close to NHL roles, or possessing higher-end upside gives us a lot to work with, whether that means shipping out vets or trading prospects for cost-effective help at forward.

Either way, I wouldn't change our "sign elite players, move complementary types" philosophy because of a little cap uncertainty. If push comes to shove, we can always buy out Fleury and replace him with a Shooter Tutor and not miss a beat, haha.

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