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Originally Posted by cbjbluejackets61 View Post
so i just broke my humerus bone and am out of hockey for 3-4 months... And i am gonna go crazy.

Those of you who've battled long term injuries and missed hockey, how do you pass the time and try to keep sane?

try to spend the time learning more about hockey. See the game at different levels.

There is a soccer documentary where two people go around the world and see the game for what it is in their cultures. Jails in argentina, villages in africa, middle east where women cannot play and the streets of differ european cities.

It was a great documentary.
Gave me an idea to want to do something like that for hockey, even if its not filmed for documentary purposes or anything. Even if its just for my own love of the game. Or to grow a better passion for it.

Start watching old school games on tv.
Go to your public rinks and watch adult leagues or watch travel/high school teams. (off-season for the junior clubs but maybe some practices).
Maybe plan a trip somewhere and see if and how hockey is played there. (i always wanted to see and play the game bandy). Maybe roller hockey is big somewhere or kids in a city with no ice love playing street hockey.

I know my dad in europe use to play in the street with wood sticks they found or made and played with a tennis ball and some goals.

Go to developmental camps for young kids.
Maybe visit the hockey hall of fame.

Make plans for the upcoming season to go to and watch different games rather than the nhl. Ahl, echl, ncaa, chl. If your in europe, go to different cities and attractions. Wish i went to the outdoor game in the coliseum in croatia pula.

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