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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
I've come to terms that MG has zero balls to improve this team on draft day. He has assets he could have moved to go much higher in the draft, but he has this 'vision', one that apparently involves moving safely....

I've heard the rumours that he had this 'deal' in place to go up in the draft, but it didn't happen.... so jokes on us again. A top notch G.M makes deals happen, if it is a deal they really want. They take a chance. I'm really trying hard to like MB, but it's awfully hard to at this point.
it's not his fault man....he did have the balls to do it....he said the price was high but they were still willing to pay just turned out that their trading partner decided to keep it because their player was still there.....i've now heard it was vanouver to get horvat, dallas to get morin and philly to get morin....i don't know what to believe when it comes to that, but i do believe bergevin when he says he was willing to pay the price to get something done....o well.....i was in a really bad mood for awhile about this, but im starting to warm up to a few of these picks....mostly fucale...i think thats gonna be a huge huge asset to have and it is the opinions of alot of fans including flyers and leafs over on the main board that we really nailed this i'll definitely be the first to admit that i may be, and probabley am wrong for being upset with this crop......just really got too attached to different guys and wanted to see them in the habs jersey....i like to get canadians and we selected alot of non-canadians...that was probabley what bugged me the most...but as long as we get vinny

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