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Originally Posted by TrojanRanger View Post
Top teams usually score goals and have someone better than Andy Greene as their top d man.

No offense, but your argument is silly. NJD is not even close to contender status with the way their roster is constructed right now. Schnieder is an upgrade in goal but they still can't score and lets not forget hes was just traded by a team that had a pretty good defense to a team that may not have a single top 4 defender (Greene is a #5 for me, but thats debatable.) Couple that with a trade to what is going to be a much better division than the NW and I think its safe to say that his numbers will take a dip.

Either way, NJD are an aging team with limited in house options ready to help. Financial restrictions will probably keep them from doing much via UFA, and they don't have a whole lot of tradeable assets. They haven't come close to replacing Parise and unless you think Tedenby will magically stop sucking, they won't have that problem solved by next season.

Make all the excuses you want for what went down last year, but unlucky teams don't go on 10 game losing streaks, bad teams do.
The best defense is to prevent shots against. That is a combination of team defensive play from the forwards, goalies and defense. The goalie moving the puck out (like Marty) allows an easier transition offense. Their names on the backend aren't sexy at all, but they've gotten the job done for the most part post 2006 lockout as being top possession teams in the league. That's why they always were near the top of the standings for most of those years.

Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Bingo. We can have a team full of Marcel Hossas and post AMAZING possession stats yet still not score ****. That's why statsurfing is so gosh darn useless. You can't see how inept the shooters are outside of a select few. There is a stat for every argument I always say.
I don't ever recall Marcel Hossa being a good puck possession player, need to look up on that one.

Stat surfing is not useless at all. It gives some good objectivity on a player. Just because you can seem to grasp or understand it, does not mean it's useless.

It's why I get so damn annoyed at Kershaw trying to do everything in his power to disparage the Rangers and prop up the Devils/Islanders at every chance he gets. It's obnoxiuos. "OH LEMME CITE THIS STAT GUYZ TO SHOW U WHY TEH RANGERZ ARE AWFUL AND TEH DEBBILS ARE OMGAMAZING!!!" It's painfully obvious that is going on with that and more people need to realize it.
You literally have no idea what you're talking about. Please stop.

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