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07-01-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
You need at least 2 thing to happen

1) will, support among clubs
2) money

You have none of them.
Yeah sure.. wait.. Even thought I don't dislike Jokerit joining KHL I will want to stay honest. We in Finland and Sweden don't have idiots or call them what you like who make negative-profit business like Russian charity guys, but we have two strong euro leagues, whose teams actually make profit mostly and are stand alone, not just sponsored. Both countries are more attractive to be sportsman and live in than Russia.

This would be great, def better and stronger than to have two separate leagues. There is alot of talk about this in Finland board, so I'll paste on of my opinion from there to here too.

It would be worth conversation, if both countries want to keep their hockey western, should the league be played in NHL rink, maybe with NHL rule book also. Both countries have lots of NHL fans, they would appreciate it and rest would realize how good it is later. Rules could force you at least to choose between 26-27,5m so teams would have some room making little tweak but lining out the 30m IIHF airports. In finnish league, I dislike the airport rinks, like the smaller ones better. It would make our young players adjust better for NHL and maybe being more north american style league, it would even raise their value in the draft a bit compared to players from other Euro leagues. It would make it really to be different from KHL and other euro leagues and not just worse version of KHL, but something fresh and cool. Something done with high standards of quality, close to us and in prime time: Nordic Hockey League.

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