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Originally Posted by AntsSheffield View Post
Have you started on crossovers yet? Those are definitely good for working the o/s edge. Get on a faceoff circle and keep going round, both directions. Then full rink, building up to a good speed and feel those edges round the bends. Also, outside edge drills where you crossover one side then the other.

I'm spending the best part of an hour or so at public skates doing this lately.
I can do a decent crossover to my left, but that is the only place I have much confidence in it so far. Going to my right is still a work in progress. The bigger driver for me is to be able to crossover backward. I am a D man and once they figure out that you can't make that move, a half decent forward really starts to own you. Hell, I could own me:-) But, I have to really trust that edge to start to learn that back cross. I have been working on one foot circles to the outsides, and lots of russian walks. I tried putting more weight to the back and trying to make sure I bend my knees more. I can certainly feel the difference in it. More and more reps, but slow reps still. I am trying to work on getting the form right rather than going to fast or agressive yet.

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