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I think Vasiliev or Larsson have a good chance of becoming decent players, if one makes the NHL that is fantastic.

Though tbh I have seen only one game of Vasiliev, and tbh I was not really aware he was ours at the time. (just casually watching, not focusing or thinking a Flyers 7th rounder would be playing, thought I recognised the name, so after checked and realised who he was!) But I like what I have read and what I saw in the one game where I did not know who he was!!!

The guy was ranked top 20 in europe before the draft, a lot of people thought he would go in the third round, but he fell a lot due to a bad shoulder injury.

210 pounds

16 senior games for Spartak, 1 goal, 1 assist, apparently did not look out of place.
Played for Russia U-19, is in the running for the WJC squad apparently.

Positives: Physical, Mobile, Defensively sound.

Pretty much as much as you can hope for with a 7th!


178 pounds

Seen more of him than Vasiliev... but just a few highlight videos from Brynas J20 games on youtube, and they mainly ignored him and focused on looking at Mathias Göransson! when they were on D together! (I swear his Dad is the cameraman at Brynas, and who I am kind of surprised no one took a flyer on late on, guy gets points, is big, Sweden international junior player.)

But what I noticed from the blurry highlights is that the guy is a Flyer! Gets involved in everything, doesn't take any **** from anyone and led the whole league in penalties on a pretty nasty Brynas J20 team, those Gavle boys don't mess around from the highlights! (incidentally Lauridsen did a few years back as well!)

He hits like an absolute freight train as well, considering he has not filled out he is a scary SOB. Good skater as well, and can actually pass and play D, also has a sick tache.

IF he fills out he could get time on full Brynas team next year, I think the coming year is most important for him, make or break as NHLer, he hasn't played against men so who knows how he will fair... but he has the physical side down!

He has similar figures in his career to Lauridsen, is a similar player, but a better skater and smaller.

The great thing about both is that they skate well, as everyone knows, to make the NHL skating is damn important, Flyers seem to be prioritising that in recently drafted D men.

Best case scenarios IMO:

Vasiliev, No.4 D man, shut down. (Grossmann)

Larsson, No. 5-6 D man, shut down.

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