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Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
Once we've locked up a playoff spot, we don't ice the best 6 in the last minute.
When we are still fighting for a spot, we ice the best 6 to try and get the tie/win.
In the playoffs, we ice the best 6 in the final minute if it's close to get the win.

For the playoffs, I think your guy had the wrong attitude. It's not like the captain asked him to sit the entire 3rd period. Normally when a guy makes a stand like that for the final game of the season, it means he's unhappy and isn't coming back and it's a big "f u" to the rest of his team and/or captain.

Edit: See jsykes post. It normally means the guy isn't happy and isn't coming back regardless of who is wrong/right. If it got to that point, it's time to part ways.
As someone who is A) not a guy that would be on the top two lines and B) the co-manager of the team, I agree mostly with Jarick. We do not change lines for PP or PK. We do all pay a lot of money to play and equal time is important. We also don't kick guys off unless they are total asshats. That said, if it comes down to winning a big game like that, I would give up a shift if I had too in the last 5 mins. I think the big thing is, you need to air this stuff out before the playoffs and really before the season. Let everyone know that it is the managers call in these situations and if you are not on board with that, then you won't be on the team.

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