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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Clearly this is a losing team.

Posts like this are why people just roll their eyes at your posts. We were a couple of games away from making the Cup Finals last year and we lost to the eventual runners-up this year (outperforming a supposedly much better team in the Pens).

Yet this is clearly a losing team.

No one will ever dispute that there are problems with the team. Not a single person. Yet 28 out of 30 teams had problems since they didn't make the Finals. Are they all losing teams? Are they all incapable of winning?

I have some of the most demanding standards of this team of anyoen on here. Yet not even I can bring myself to write the stuff you do about how much you hate everything and everyone on the team. Again, this has been going on for ages and it's about time people bring this up in public.
They lost to much better teams, which is the point I'm trying to make across. Sather's work in 13 years is getting a free pass due to one deep playoff run. Then the season after being 'so close', the roster still went an overhaul. I don't think this team was going to win the cup this season, but the biggest problem is still Sather for still 'assessing' his team after 13 years. There is no plan for Sather at all in place, as evident by his constant overpaid FA signings (Holik, Drury, Gomez, Richards, Gaborik) and trading for high-rate players for a 'short-fix' solution (Lindros, Bure, Jagr, Nash). Neither primary route he utilized has worked and it won't continue to work based on his past pedigree. Trading for Nash really solidified it to me that he has no idea what he's doing. How many more seasons is he going to get? How many more coaches will he fire for not utilizing this team to their potential, as he says? How many more roster overhauls is it going to take before this clown is out of this proud organization? How the heck is he still in charge? Glen Sather is no better than John Ferguson, Jr. and he ran that Leafs team into the ground. Somehow an even bigger clown, James Dolan, is perfectly content with his mediocrity.

Rangers fans should be more demanding with more than 1rst/2nd round finishes and 6th-8th seed finishes, which Sather has primarily had in his tenure post-lockout. Especially since they are the 2nd most valuable franchise in the league, they should simply be doing more than what he has accomplished in one season. This Rangers era team reminds of the Calgary Flames on their last legs before their vets started aging and they shipped off younger roster players in an attempt at 'win now'. Building around wingers, overpaid FA signings and non elite prospect pool is what led to their downfall. I see a lot of similarities between the two teams and of course a lot of that team got a free pass because they were 'one win away from the Stanley Cup'.

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